Why You Need A Military Grade Tent

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With all the available tenting options out there, there’s really nothing quite like a military-grade tent. These tents are made to survive the harshest of situations for the longest of times. Whether you might need a tent for your own personal use or for official purposes, you cannot go wrong with a cost-effective military-grade tent. 

In this article, we share some insights on how military-grade tents are made, why some tents make the military-grade cut, and how others do not, the features of these tents that allow for them to survive different conditions, and we address cost concerns. You will definitely be heading out to get yourself a military-grade tent after this read.

Here’s Why You Need A Military Grade Tent


How Are Military Grade Tents Made

Military-grade tents often feature windows of a considerably larger size so as to allow air circulation with the tent as well as ventilation. Windows help in saving energy as it allows for light to shine in. Mosquitoes and insects might prove to be a concern when it comes to tents with large nets. But not to fret as these tents come equipped with screen layers to keep the bugs out. 

Made with vinyl-coated polyester fabrics, tents can be kept cool as these fabrics are good insulators that also help prevent fires, blocks out UV rays, is water-proof, and if you’re afraid of rocks or even animals coming by your campsite and destroying your tent, that concern shall be diminished as these tents have anti-tear features. 


What Earns Tents Military Grade Status

Compared to commercial tents, military-grade tents are made to pass all the rigorous requirements that armies have for manufacturing standards when it comes to tents. Superior to commercial tents in terms of durability and sturdiness. and can withstand different weather conditions better than commercial tents. Although commercial tents might be cheaper, they are only so in the short run. This is because they wear and tear much faster and thus you would have to replace them frequently as compared to a military-grade tent. 


3 Benefits of A Military Grade Tent

There are several glaring benefits of investing in a military-grade tent. To spare you the trouble, we will share just 3 functional gains you will enjoy if you do get a military-grade tent. We are sure this would be enough to convince you of the greatness that is a military-grade tent. 

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#1: Warranties

Military-grade tents often come with warranties that are in writing which other commercial tents might not really have because they are made to the requirements of army standards. Make sure to keep an eye out for them just to be sure you know what you need to prepare in the event there are issues with your tent. 


#2: Protection and Safety

Immensely useful and apt for all your outdoor needs, the materials by which these military-grade tents are made allow for them to give you the peace of mind you need when camping outdoors. Instead of just the usual polyester, they are coated with vinyl. The fabric also has high-density weaves which allow the fabric to have strong tear strength and greater durability. If you’re travelling with large groups of people, military-grade tents come in sizes that are rarely available on the commercial-grade level. 


#3: Easy To Set Up

Even though military-grade tents have advanced features, don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is difficult to set up these tents. These tents have advanced features that actually make the tents quick and easy to set up. For instance, the existence of no-pole features helps in making the pitching of the tent fast as all it requires are air-filled holes for the foundation. The quick setup allows this to be a reliable and safe shelter in times of dire weather. 


Costs of Military Grade Tents

Military-grade tents come in a variety of sizes that are suited to different needs. Searching up the options available out there will give you a better idea of the prices of these tents. Usually, they can cost as little as $500 to as much as $10,000. Ultimately, military-grade tents are greater investments as compared to other tents as they can last for much longer so you are definitely signing up for more bang for your buck due to the reliability, functionality, and durability, The prices are determined by the model, design, size, and quality. You can also choose to get military-grade tents in person or online and get them shipped right to your doorstep. 

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