How do you introduce yourself as an MR in front of doctors?

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Nov. 28, 2023



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There’s no need to wait until the interview to professionally introduce yourself to hiring managers and future employers. For students, recent grads, or first-time candidates, known as “freshers,” crafting an effective self-introduction may seem like a tricky task. Still, if it’s performed properly, it´ll give you an advantage in the interview as you’ll provide a good impression and grab the attention of your interviewers. 

Self-introduction for freshers will strengthen your case and responses to common job interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself” or “Describe yourself in one word.” Keep reading and find out tips, structures, and some examples for learning how to introduce yourself and become a master of first impressions. 

Tips for effective self-introduction for freshers

The way recruiters and hiring managers will perceive you through the hiring process mostly depends on the first impression they get from you. Self-introduction, especially for freshers, can be a step that sets you up for landing that job opportunity. See it as a golden opportunity to showcase your profile in detail during your candidature. Check out these four tips. 

Set a clear purpose for your self-introduction

Though your resume, job application, and cover letter will give your interviewers a glance of who you are and your information, there’s no comparison to them hearing how you perceive yourself directly. Your attitude, confidence, work ethic, and added value are best appreciated during a self-introduction. 

Before asking how to introduce yourself professionally, you should be clear about why you’re introducing yourself to a hiring manager or recruiter. Become a firm believer that this represents an opportunity to talk about aspects beyond your resume, such as your skill set, personality, and goals. 

Get familiar with the company and interviewer

One of the main benefits of job searching during these times is the use of technological tools and networking platforms such as LinkedIn to boost your professional development. Speaking about the interview process, you can get a head start and learn more about the interviewer, the company’s mission and vision, and the job position itself. 

This will allow you to improve your chances of getting hired and tailor a self-introduction that fits the job profile or company you’re applying to. Use the information you’ve found online to align yourself and your self-introduction in order to establish yourself as a suitable candidate for recruiters. 

Draft a self-introduction script

When you’re aiming to master self-introduction, it’s best to set the groundwork. Whether it is because you’re preparing for an interview or you want to be sharp for any kind of “elevator pitch” situation, having a script will help you compose an excellent first impression.

Make sure to include your basic information, educational background, relevant skills or training that makes you a good fit for the position or the company, and some related details about your personality. Remember to keep it brief and avoid digressions, as it can backfire on your self-introduction.

Be aware of your body language

Although you may get nervous or feel under pressure introducing yourself, you should be able to carry yourself into giving the impression that you’re relaxed. Understanding non-verbal communication is an essential aspect of self-introduction for freshers, from your body language to expressions, gestures, and much more. Use these non-verbal skills to reflect your confidence and proficiency in handling stressful situations. 

As you prepare your self-introduction as a fresher, here are some aspects you should pinpoint to improve your body language.

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Use hand gestures

  • Sound confident and enthusiastic

  • Avoid stammering

  • Relax your body

How to structure a self-introduction for freshers 

When crafting a self-introduction for students and freshers, it’s essential to be aware of some practices and elements that you should include in your draft, which will help you ease and understand the process. Below are some of the musts you should keep in mind when introducing yourself professionally. 

  1. Formal greeting

  2. Basic information: name, location, and education

  3. Background: projects, internships, co-curricular activities, and other experiences

  4. Language proficiency, certifications, and training

  5. Personal life: hobbies and family details

  6. Goals: long-term and short-term

  7. Ending thanks

Although these are the usual components of a self-introduction for freshers, keep in mind that all these elements are not mandatory, so you can change them according to your style and the interviewer’s requirements. 

Self-introduction email templates

A self-introduction email is one the first resources you can use to reach out to someone you have never met personally and share information about who you are, your interests, and what you do. The downside about making the first contact by email is there’s a possibility that it could get lost in the receiver’s inbox or get a delayed response.

In order to capture the attention and engage the recipient's interest, here are a few self-introduction samples you could use to increase your chances of receiving a response. 

Introduction letter for a job 

“Dear Mr/Mrs [],

My name is [name], and I’m a [role] with [time of experience] years of experience in [industry]. I’m currently interested in moving to a larger company where I can apply the knowledge I have acquired during these past years and continue developing my skill set. In the recent past, I’ve worked in [add previous roles or projects in which you’ve participated alongside your responsibilities]. I know your company fits these specifications, and I would appreciate it if we could arrange a time to discuss any possible opportunities. I’ve attached my resume for your review. Please let me know any time you’re available to talk. Contact me via email [your mail] or phone [your phone number]. I look forward to hearing back from you. Best regards! [Name].” 

Onboarding or self-introduction at a new job

"Hello team, My name is [name], and I'm the new [role] here at [company]. Among my previous job experiences, I’ve worked at [companies, roles, and responsibilities you’ve had in the past]. My goal is to [tasks and responsibilities], and I look forward to collaborating with each one of you to find better ways to perform my duties. I’ve heard a lot about the company culture, and because of this, I’m eager to meet everyone in more detail over the next couple of weeks. Among my personal interests are [hobbies and extracurricular activities]. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about my experience or onboarding process. I’ll be pleased to share more about my role and learn more about yours. Kindly, [name].”

Self-introduction for networking or attracting leads

"Good afternoon, My name is [name], and I'm the [role ]at [company]. We are a leading organization in the [industry] industry, and we’re currently developing new services and projects designed to fit customers' needs within our market. I’ve been reaching out to different businesses and organizations that want to get involved in our projects, either by getting their insight about our craft or associating them with any of our programs that may benefit them. 

I’d love to chat with you to learn more about your initiatives and how you would benefit from a project like ours. 

Have a great evening, and thanks in advance for any time you can spare. 


Keep in mind these templates, tips, and components are just a guide and elements to use when you’re introducing yourself. Self-introduction for freshers is not a rigid process. You should adapt and make your self-introduction a representation of your personality, so make sure to adapt the information above to your preferences and make it your own.

How do you introduce yourself as an MR in front of doctors?

Self-Introduction Tips and Examples for Freshers | gpac


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