How to choose large inflatable slides

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Nov. 26, 2022



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Slides are a game activity that children like. Some parents and businesses will buy large inflatable slides in order to cater to their children. There are many types of large inflatable slides on the market, and the quality is also uneven. How should we use these products? Do children like slides with good quality? How to maintain them after buying them?

1. Tips for correctly purchasing large inflatable slides

1. The shape of large inflatable slides: For children, beautiful appearance and colorful colors are the elements to attract children. Only by giving children a good impression at time can they become your customers. In addition, the shape should be novel. , In line with the aesthetic needs of children, for example, products designed with cartoons that children usually like to watch as materials, children must like it very much.

2. The quality of large-scale inflatable slides: It is fundamental to ensure the normal operation of inflatable equipment. If customers have problems when they play with your equipment, it will definitely affect the mood of customers to play, and they will think that your products are not good. This will lose some old customers. So if you want to attract customers for a long time, you must make customers believe in your product.


3. Selection of materials for large inflatable water pool slides: The material of large inflatable toys is made of high-quality meshed PVC material. This material is a professional inflatable cloth with good cold resistance, which can reach a low temperature of minus 40 degrees. The flame will self-extinguish within 5 seconds.

4. Qualification of large-scale inflatable slide manufacturers: If a manufacturer does not have production qualifications and does not have the corresponding certificate procedures, then the inflatable slide you purchased is a product without ""ID card"", and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

2. Maintenance methods of inflatable slides:

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1. In order to ensure that your device reaches the normal service life, you can't participate in too many children's games when you start playing. Generally, a child of 3 square meters is accommodated on the inflatable model.

2. The small shapes on the facility play a decorative role, and children cannot be pulled or torn hard to avoid damage.

3. When the child is playing, do not let the child scribble on the device with hard objects to avoid damage.

4. If the inflatable equipment is damaged, you can apply special glue on the damaged part and the spare PVC material. After the glue does not stick to your hands for 5 minutes, glue it, squeeze it properly, and it can be used in a few minutes.

5. The air pressure on the equipment is too soft, check for excessive air leakage, tearing holes, or power failure; if the air pressure is too hard, cover the air inlet of the fan a little.

6. If a large area is damaged due to abnormal use, the manufacturer can provide professional maintenance services, or directly send it back to the water park factory for maintenance.

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