Pay Attention to These So You Can Camp Safely!

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Jun. 13, 2023



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Camping in the wild is inherently risky, this article has compiled for you the common tips for camping in the wild and how to handle accidents, so if you want to go camping, you should take a look.

Things to consider when camping

Camping in the wild has certain dangers, so it will be beneficial to have a few tips.

1、Wear long clothes and pants that fit you well. To avoid mosquito bites and tree branch hanging, if the clothes are wide, you can tie up the trouser legs and cuffs.

2、Wearing shoes that fit non-slip. When you feel pain on the bottom of your feet, quickly put a small piece of medical tape on the painful area, which can prevent blisters.

3、Prepare cold clothing. The temperature in the field will be much lower than indoors.

4、Prepare enough clean water, dry food and common medicines, such as mosquito repellent, anti-diarrhea medicine, trauma medicine, etc.

5、Have a guide to lead the way. Usually the forest park is large and often there are no obvious markers in the forest. Therefore, when entering the forest, be sure to travel in a group and ask a guide to lead the way, do not go too deep into the jungle. Pay attention to natural landmarks such as old trees, springs, rivers, rocks, etc., as you walk through the forest. In case you get lost, don’t panic, you can follow these signs and slowly return to the way you came.

6、Save drinking water. When the water is cut off, be careful to use natural water sources in the wild, do not pick and eat the fruits of plants you do not know. In case of emergency, you can cut the wild plantain to get water.

7、Carry some binoculars, magnifying glass, multi-purpose tool knife, torch, whistle and other tools, can bring extra fun and convenience.

8、Protect the ecological environment, don’t hunt and catch wild animals, pick plants, light campfires and throw away garbage at will.

Common sense for campfires in the wild

1、Know the restrictions of fire before you go hiking and camping activities.

2、Collect only fallen branches and other materials, preferably from far away from the campground, otherwise, after a period of time, the area around the campground will look unnaturally bare. Never cut down living trees or break off branches from growing trees, or even from dead trees to pick branches, because there will be many wild animals will use these places.

3、Do not use a fire that is too high and too thick

4、In places where fire is allowed, you should use the existing fire pit, only in case of emergency, you can build a new one yourself.

5、Near the fire pit, you should remove all the materials that may burn.

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