Claw Machines Can Bring in Extra Revenue to Support Your Business

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Aug. 21, 2023



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Whether a claw machine is filled with candy, plush animals, toys, sports balls and memorabilia, or all of the above — it provides a great way to draw in a crowd. Depending on the player, claw machine games can be intense.

If you own a business with a lot of customer foot traffic, you might wonder if a claw machine can earn some extra revenue for your business. In this article, we'll share a few benefits of investmenting in an arcade claw machine.




Claw Machines Can Bring in Extra Revenue to Support Your Business


Arcade games and machines are a great way to earn passive revenue for your business. Invented in the 1890s, businesses have been earning extra money with claw machines for years. But remember: these machines are an investment. After you buy one, you'll have to pay for prizes, upkeep, and the electricity to run it. Additionally, you may decide to include additional lighting, signage, and music to add to the excitement.

You can influence your profits and the game's difficulty level by setting the strength of the claw. But don't make it too hard to win, or people will stop playing. Also, seeing a passerby with a prize from your crane game is like a walking advertisement.


Boutigne Crane Machine




This is a frequently asked question with no tried and true answer. Across the internet, you'll find figures stating claw machines can bring in between $350 to $500 per week. But the reality is, the income your machine earns will be impacted by factors like:

• Location. Areas with high foot traffic will generate more players and income than less busy areas. Additionally, there's a difference in the potential customer base for a claw machine in an arcade or on the boardwalk than there is in the vestibule of a grocery store.
• Prizes. The cost of the claw machine's prizes will also factor into your income. Lower cost prizes can help you fill the machine at a lower overhead, but higher cost prizes can be more enticing for players. Consider how much you want to invest in prizes and how that will factor into your overall costs.
• Payout Rate. A claw machine with a lower payout rate will cost less in prizes but may frustrate and turn away potential customers. Meanwhile, if prizes are more expensive, a lower payout rate may be the best option to ensure an appropriate overhead.


Check out our selection of claw machines to find the most affordable option for your business.


A Low-Maintenance Machine


Running a crane game requires little maintenance, so it won't take much time away from your business. But generating repeat customers usually requires replenishing the machine with new prizes every so often. If you can find unique prizes that customers can't get elsewhere, they'll be more likely to pay for a chance to win them.

And letting the prizes get so low that the claw mechanism has trouble reaching them won't generate much passive revenue. If you want your crane game machine to help your business, keep your machine full, fresh, and functioning!


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