What Weight Lifting Equipment Do You Need During Strength Training

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Mar. 01, 2023



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Starting a weight lifting workout can be a confusing experience, since you need to choose proper workout plan and essential equipment one needs during training. A visit to a gym with so many exercise machines may seem intimidating. What are these and how they work? However, you need to make a proper strategy to use these equipment in your exercise routine. Although choosing a workout routine depends on your fitness goals, in this article, we will share some basic weight lifting equipment used during strength training.


Basically, there are two types of gym equipment - free weights and machines. In this article we will share the equipment as well as the protective gear used during weight lifting.


Barbell - It is a long iron bar that is 4 to 7 feet long and weight plates are placed on it. During barbell exercises, barbell is held in both the hands. Barbells have different types and Olympic barbells that are heavy duty bars and can handle huge weights are on the top of the list. They are usually used in bench presses, dead lifts and squats. Besides them, standard barbells are also available. They are perfect for home gyms.


Dumbbells - It is a short barbell that is held 10 to 15 inches long. The exercises are performed holding dumbbell in each hand. They are available in different types varying in weights. Usually dumbbells have weight from 5 pounds to 100 pounds with increments of 5 pounds. They are the easiest to handle equipment and are ideal for home gyms.




EZ curl bar - This exercise equipment is designed for bicep and triceps exercises. It is shorter than barbell and has angular hand placements. This is good for reducing the stress that straight barbells can place on the wrists.


Tricep bar - It is an oval shaped bar having two hand placements that are parallel. Although it's given the name tricep bar, it can be used in other body workouts. Like EZ curl bar, tricep bar can also be used to work muscles from different angles and reduce stress placed on wrists.


Arm blaster - It is a flat, curved metal bar that is 2 feet long and 6 inches wide. It helps eliminate the body momentum and allows isolation of muscles.


Pull-up bar - This exercise equipment is perhaps one of the most commonly used gym equipment. Some bars offer multiple grip options. The most useful ones are straight bar and neutral grip - in which your palms face each other.


Pull-up bar


Stability ball - Any exercise that is usually done on a bench can be done using stability ball. The exercises that can be done using it include bench press, shoulder press, dumbbell flyes, pullovers, crunches, lateral raises and many more. Stability ball is an excellent exercise equipment to increase your balance and strengthen your muscles.


Dipping bars - They are a set of parallel bars and are used for working shoulders, triceps and chest.


Chin up bar - A chin up bar is an iron bar that is bolted in the wall or is used as a part of exercise machine. They are an ideal exercise equipment for biceps, forearms and back.


Now, here are the weight lifting equipment that are used for protection and added support.


Wrist straps - They are a perfect piece of gear for weight lifters. Individuals having injury or sore joints can also use wrist straps for added support.


Wrist strap


Gloves - Gloves are perhaps the most commonly used gym gear. They protect your hands from any kind of injuries and also prevent calluses and blisters that are very common in weight lifters.


Weight lifting belts - This is an essential equipment for heavy weight lifters. It provides protection and support to the lower back. Weight lifting belts are usually used for heavy squats, heavy rowing exercises and dead lifts. They are available in different types varying in size and material used. Leather weight lifting belts are usually preferred on other options.


Weight lifting belts


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